NeuroproteXeon is committed to becoming the leader in the development and commercialization of drug/device neuroprotective products that help prevent brain damage and improve mortality rates in patient populations experiencing acute injury to the brain.  NPXE believes xenon holds great promise due to its multiple mechanisms of action, extensive pre-clinical results and positive Phase II clinical trial results which demonstrated a reduction in brain tissue damage and directionally better survival outcomes.

Learn more about the science behind our technology, and the research and development that will allow us achieve our goals.


Learn more about Xenon and its extensive body of evidence as a neuroprotectant.

Research and Development

R&D initiatives are initially focus on the use of XENEX as a neuroprotectant in post-cardiac arrest syndrome (PCAS) patients.  Following a successful in-hospital PCAS study, the focus will move to PCAS in a pre-hospital ambulance setting.  This opens the door to future indications in therapeutic areas such as stroke and traumatic brain injury.