NeuroproteXeon (NPXe) 

We are a late clinical-stage pharmaceutical and drug delivery device company developing and commercializing the proprietary use & delivery of XENEX™ (xenon) inhalation gas, to protect against brain cell death following acute neurologic injury. 


We are committed to becoming the leader in neuroprotective products that address unmet medical needs by helping to prevent brain damage and improve mortality rates in critical care patients 


We believe xenon holds great promise due to its multiple mechanisms of action, extensive pre-clinical results1 and positive Phase II clinical trial results which demonstrated a reduction in brain tissue damage and directionally better survival outcomes (Results published in JAMA -Journal of the American Medical Association-, March 2016)2


We are currently initiating a Phase III Clinical Trial in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) - Xenon for Neuroprotection During Post-Cardiac Arrest Syndrome in Comatose Survivors of an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (XePOHCAS).

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